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Tin Star Show Us Your Taco


Tin Star wanted to increase brand awareness and drive traffic growth in the physical restaurants.

Tin Star Taco Bar Website

Social Media Management + Social Competition = Engaged Audience

By utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Tumblr, (and a little extra sauce) we took a brand with minimal social presence and flipped it upside down. The "Show Us Your Taco" social campaign drove restaurant sales and created an outlet for passionate Tin Star patrons to engage in a way that got their friends and family involved.

Tin Star Taco Bar Facebook Tin Star Taco Bar Twitter

They Showed Us Their Tacos

An interactive blog served as a hub where consumers submitted pictures of their favorite Tin Star meals to win prizes and conducted contests in which fans were able to create, name, and vote on new menu items in order to win. We took customers who wanted to be more than fans and gave them a way feel connected.

Tin Star Taco Bar Show Us Your Taco

More Tacos, Please!

The Tin Star Facebook fan base grew 31% and more importantly, traffic to stores saw a marked increase leading to double digit sales growth in tacos. As a result of the "Show us Your Taco" campaign, the majority of tacos devoured at Tin Star stores were created and named by their fans