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TEDxSMU Social Media Management & Guerrilla Learning Project


TEDxSMU required a bulletproof communication strategy to manage and extend the reach of its active community.

TEDxSMU Facebook Page TEDxSMU Guerrilla Learning Project

Expertly Managed Social Platforms

Extra Sauce provided consultation to grow the TEDxSMU fan base through ongoing and engaging communication across all TEDxSMU social accounts.

TEDxSMU and TEDxKIDS were able to provide on-site live-tweeting, giving fans who were not in attendance a play-by-play interactive experience. They curated and responded to thousands of media inquires throughout the events.

TEDxSMU Facebook Page TEDxSMU Twitter Page TEDxSMU Live Tweeting

Guerrilla Learning Project

The Guerrilla Learning Project was a concept so community oriented it earned a spot on the TEDxSMU stage. The campaign empowered current TEDxSMU fans to evangelize the conference where they lived and traveled.

Posters containing teaser message variations, QR codes, and links were distributed guerrilla-style by attendees. When scanned with a smartphone or typed in, these posters link to a mobile optimized website with a specific TED Talk. Attendees were not only promoting TEDxSMU, but teaching people when and where they didn't expect it.

Extra Sauce was able to gather data on scan locations and times, message variation performance, sharing insights, and more, enabling TEDxSMU staff to better steer it's message of learning where it was needed most.

TEDxSMU Guerrilla Learning Project TEDxSMU Guerrilla Learning Project TEDxSMU Guerrilla Learning Project