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Smirnoff Battle of the Clubs


Smirnoff wanted to connect with their existing customers and empower them to become individual brand ambassadors where they enjoyed Smirnoff the most: the clubs of Europe.

Smirnoff Germany Battle of the Clubs on Facebook Smirnoff Belgium Battle of the Clubs on Facebook

Online, Emotionally-Charged, Social Engagement

Extra Sauce built the Battle of the Clubs. Facebook served as the hub for the battle. Fans voted for their favorite clubs and Smirnoff drinks both online and in the clubs (via RFID wristbands and tablets). Smirnoff threw a party for the winning club and it’s fans.

Smirnoff Battle of the Clubs Voting Smirnoff Battle of the Clubs Leaderboard Smirnoff Battle of the Clubs Map Smirnoff Battle of the Clubs Winner

Digitally Augmented Event

Smirnoff kept audience attention both offline and online as drinks were voted on locally and shared through the social graph, reaching millions of people before, during, and after the events.

Smirnoff Tablet Application Start Screen Smirnoff Tablet Application Facebook Login Smirnoff Tablet Application Select Your Favorite Drink

Club-goers went crazy for their clubs... and Smirnoff

After contest completion, the Extra Sauce team was able to identify key influencers responsible for bringing an exponential amount of new fans to the brand, as well as relay true demographic data back to Smirnoff for future marketing message improvements.

The Smirnoff fanbase grew by 143%. More importantly, engagement, as measured by TAT, also know as "Talking about This," grew to 40% of the Smirnoff fanbase - fueling the growth in new fans organically.

user growth chart before notation after notation