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Canyon Foods Sales Driven Social


Canyon Foods, manufacturer of the Dean Fearing line and other high-end specialty foods, wanted to find a way to build better brand awareness, provide current customers with a better experience, and increase online sales.

Canyon Foods Website

Facebook Engagement and Data Gathering

We created a place where brand advocates and potential new customers alike could come together to talk about their passion for food. Custom tabs, giveaways and sweepstakes allowed us to create new fan connections. The campaign reached a previously untapped demographic and continues to drive sales to their online store.

Expert Analysis

Turns out Canyon has a passionate fan base that now has an outlet to show off their love of great food. The passion that Canyon brings to making each of their sauces (extra, please!) now extends to conversations with individual brand ambassadors. Result? Better customer feedback and service. Greater awareness. Higher sales.

Canyon Foods Facebook Social Media Reporting Social Media Reporting